“Proof that the small literary magazine is alive, well, and thriving can be found in the pages of the University of Westminster’s Wells Street Journal, a periodical of enjoyable variety and always interesting new writing.”
Travis Elborough, author, cultural commentator and lecturer

“I am delighted to have been asked by the Creative Writing MA students on Westminster’s Writing the City programme to write a short foreword to the 13th issue of their online magazine, The Wells Street Journal. The hugely varied collection of fresh, original stories, and poetry, is thrilling to read. This is writing that you need to savour! I’m amazed by the quality of the work and look forward to reading future issues of this contemporary literary journal.”
Helena Halme, MACW, prize-winning author and publishing coach

“There is a lot of exciting writing coming out of the University of Westminster, so the Wells Street Journal is a great addition to literary London, and beyond!”
Max Porter, writer and Senior Editor at Granta Books

“I am thrilled to have been asked by the Creative writing MA students on Westminster’s Writing the City programme to write a short foreword to the first edition of their online magazine the Wells Street Journal, which will consist of fiction and poetry pieces written by the group. The concept for the journal, along with the production of the magazine has been initiated entirely by the students. I wish them all well with this exciting new venture.”
Rachel Lichtenstein, artist, writer and lecturer

“What I love in poetry is the element of surprise. When words show us the world in a new light or startle us out of our complacency. Poems are often traditionally associated with the natural world, the beauty of rural landscapes or flowers. Yet as more and more of us live in cities, much contemporary poetry is increasingly inspired by the urban. They say if you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life and that is because it is a city that is constantly surprising the huge variety of people who live there. That vibrancy and diversity is reflected in the poems presented here. There is a freshness to the language used, an excitement at discovering one of the great capitals of the world, and a fearlessness at tackling the good, the bad and the ugly. Enjoy!”
Aoife Mannix, poet, writer and workshop facilitator

“The Wells Street Journal is a fresh, charming and witty compilation of new creative work from the Westminster MA. I’m genuinely impressed by what I’m seeing, and hearing, from the samples. God speed, Suerte and Voraus, Wells Street Journal!”
Michael Nath, writer and professor

“I was given the privilege of reading several short stories from ‘The Wells Street Journal.’ These stories have a fun and interesting mixture of fallen angels, dead bodies, and time travel.”
Grant Eagar, engineer and fantasy writer

“The Wells Street Journal is a great new platform for fresh writing and a sincere supporter of both experienced and fledgling writers. I am proud to be involved with them.”
Anna Maconochie, award nominated short-story writer