Meet the Team

Project Manager

Ciara: Ciara always had her head stuck in a book as a child, and this hasn’t changed in adulthood. As a child, she read whilst cuddling her teddy bear, but now she tends to read and write whilst nursing either a strong coffee or a G&T.

Aran: Aran is interested in trauma, regrowth, kindness and morally gray characters. When not writing, he can be found riding horses, thinking about writing, reading, or thinking about medieval welsh legends. Sometimes doing more than one at the same time, which may or may not have resulted in walking into a streetlamp (or fellow horse-rider) more than once.

Bahar: Bahar studied cinema and television in her own country, and worked as a video editor, assistant director. However, she always loved to read books and create stories. Currently, she is writing short film stories, and trying to develop her writing skills.

Bahja: Bahja is an aspiring poet. She fell in love with stories from a young age through the movies, anime, and books she consumed. Stories were the only way she escaped from this world. Bahja wanted to pursue an MA in creative writing to contribute to the world of storytelling. She uses creative writing as an outlet and she further wants to explore the relationship between creative writing and psychology. Other than writing, she is interested in photography, digital art and spoken poetry.

Fatima: Fatima aspired to become a writer from a very young age. When she moved to the United Kingdom in 2010, she learned and adapted to the new culture through reading books. Currently, she’s planning her anthology of poems.

Hanna: Hanna is a poet and translator who’s taken to non-fiction to reflect on the revolutionary and dramatic events in her home country Belarus. She found herself on the barricades, and that changed both herself as a person and her writing. She believes her mission as an author is to help people express their deepest traumatic experiences, talk about the unspeakable and heal their wounds.

James: To describe James would be difficult, but perhaps it would be best to say he is everything you’d expect, while also perhaps being everything you wouldn’t at the same time. A loyal resident of his home city, London, he lives and writes for the love of the unique, the unusual, and the alternative. Admires others, who like himself, speak out about the many issues we face in these current times, and is always willing to show others the other, unique side of the city that many might otherwise miss.

Kishore: Aspiring to be an accomplished filmmaker.

Kunal: Kunal has worked as a writer for two years in Mumbai, India. He wishes to pursue an MA in Creative Writing to broaden his horizons. Besides writing, he enjoys reading, taking photographs, bike rides… and going to the gym too!

Maarya: Maarya focuses her attention on all creative aspects around her which involve photography. She is able to showcase her work on social media platforms such as her blog. Alongside photography, her work resembles genres of writing which include photojournalism, travel writing and spoken word poetry. Maarya is currently writing a romance thriller fiction novel with hopes to be published soon.

Malyuun: Malyuun hopes to push her writing skills and make connections with other writers. She has been writing since 2002 with the edition of drawing. When she was studying her bachelors degree is fewer than 2% of children’s authors are POC, and she hopes to work to change that.

Naima: Naima is a prose and poetry writer. It has been her passion for a very long time, starting at A-Levels and now doing her Masters in Creative Writing. When not writing, she can be seen rock climbing, reading and working in the pub where she gets most of her character inspiration.

Rukaiya: Rukaiya is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Her interests are scattered amongst the various spaces of art, dance, cinema, theatre, culture, politics and aromatherapy. On most days, one will find her on the bus responsibly drifting between eavesdropping, glancing outside the window or hiding behind a book.

Shaymaa: Shaymaa is an English Literature graduate who decided to study Creative Writing to broaden her horizons. She loves everything that has to do with theory and criticism in movies and art and how it can be deeply embedded within culture. She is also big on Nietzsche. Everything that has to do with literature is familiar and home-like and so she is never a stranger in a bookstore!

Victoria: A longtime lover of the arts, Victoria’s creative outlets include writing, illustration, photography, and dance. Her work experiences and travel adventures provide much of her inspiration and often find their way into her stories. Victoria strives to find her own voice in everything she writes and creates.

Zhuotong Hou: English has helped her to shake off her second nature, one that is shared by most Chinese people – never publicly talking about sensitive issues. That’s why she fell in love with English creative writing.