Meet the Team

Aran: Aran is interested in trauma, regrowth, kindness, and morally gray characters. When not writing, he can be found riding horses, thinking about writing, reading, or thinking about medieval welsh legends. Sometimes doing more than one at the same time, which may or may not have resulted in walking into a streetlamp (or fellow horse-rider) more than once.

Bahja: Bahja is an aspiring poet. She fell in love with stories from a young age through the movies, anime, and books she consumed. Stories were the only way she escaped from this world. Bahja wanted to pursue an MA in creative writing to contribute to the world of storytelling. She uses creative writing as an outlet and she further wants to explore the relationship between creative writing and psychology. Other than writing, she is interested in photography, digital art and spoken poetry.

Buddhima: Buddhima is an aspiring video game writer that is interested in everything to do with history, science-fiction, and horror. Originally from a business background, he is currently pursuing his MA in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster and plans to transition into being a full-time writer in the near future.

Eleanor: Eleanor is a recent graduate of English Literature and History and, after studying and enjoying other’s work for so long, has decided to try her hand at Creative Writing. After re-finding her love for it during the Covid 19 Pandemic. She writes predominantly prose and poetry and is currently working on a piece that asks the question whether the heroes of Ancient Greece would have been as great if their stories had taken place in modern day London. 

Hanna: Hanna is a poet and translator who’s taken to non-fiction to reflect on the revolutionary and dramatic events in her home country Belarus. She found herself on the barricades, and that changed both herself as a person and her writing. She believes her mission as an author is to help people express their deepest traumatic experiences, talk about the unspeakable and heal their wounds.

Isaac: Isaac is a fiction writer, interested in various genres but focusing primarily on drama and crime fiction. He has always been passionate about stories, whether that be through literature, film or Television and sees achieving an MA in Creative Writing as the next step in broadening and sharpening his writing skills. When not writing he enjoys reading (of course!), watching films and sports. Basketball and football being the two main times he gets to pause his creative process!

Joseph: Joseph is a writer and playwright from Alexandria, Egypt. He is a member of Gwana Group for Performative Arts. His short stories have been published in Hobart, URJe, Welkins, and Wells Street Journal.

Kanika: Kanika is a user experience designer who loves to doodle and paint around the city. Writing has been a coping mechanism and her interest in spoken poetry has ended her up in few open mics. Being a designer she cant just help herself to stay away from her sketchbook which really helps her enhance her write ups with illustrations at times. She runs a blog on instagram under “profoundword” (little plugin). Science fiction interests her alot and music is her escape.

Lee: Since graduating with a degree in Film in 1997, Lee has been working in finance. Excel spreadsheets have failed to satisfy his creative needs therefore he has undertaken a part time MA in Creative Writing at Westminster. He hopes to finally write that novel. 

Mamta: She is someone who wants to bring out each emotion that a person can feel. When they are reading her work they connect to the characters, the words, the story and the melody of each line. Fictional writing interests her the most. Currently she is doing her Masters in Creative Writing to bring more professionalism in her writing style. She wants to be remembered as a legend in the writing industry even after she is gone.

Mehak: Mehak loved making up scenarios or (and don’t tell anyone) 80 chapter novels in her head right before she would fall asleep. She is hoping that a Master’s degree would discipline her enough to write at least one of those novels. It would help if she was not spending most of her time on Zombie movies and South Korean dramas. When she is not doing either, she looks for table-tennis venues with the racket tucked in her backpack.

Naima: Naima is a prose and poetry writer. It has been her passion for a very long time, starting at A-Levels and now doing her Masters in Creative Writing. When not writing, she can be seen rock climbing, reading and working in the pub where she gets most of her character inspiration.

Nasnin: Nasnin is an aspiring poet, who very much enjoys the blossoming of her everyday impressions and thoughts into verses. As she gets deeply inspired by great characters, lines and plot structures, she can’t resist herself from retelling/twisting famous tales and literary personas with her own imaginative colouring. After seven years of teaching life, her passion for writing drifted her finally to pursue a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster, in search of “fresh woods, and pastures new”. 

Rukaiya: Rukaiya is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Her interests are scattered amongst the various spaces of art, dance, cinema, theatre, culture, politics and aromatherapy. On most days, one will find her on the bus responsibly drifting between eavesdropping, glancing outside the window or hiding behind a book.

Sara: Sara is an aspiring fiction writer and poet. She completed her BA in English and is hoping her MA in creative writing will help her achieve those next steps in publishing her own work. All of her poetry work is heavily influenced by her life experiences but her fiction writing explores various themes, specialising in drama and screenwriting. 

Shaymaa: Shaymaa is an English Literature graduate who decided to study Creative Writing to broaden her horizons. She loves everything that has to do with theory and criticism in movies and art and how it can be deeply embedded within culture. She is also big on Nietzsche. Everything that has to do with literature is familiar and home-like and so she is never a stranger in a bookstore!