Meet the Team

Arif Alfaraz is a Slytherin who lives through art, and believes it’s a means to change this world into Wonderland. Born in Asturias (Spain), he likes to write prose fiction and plays.

Camelia Birza is an ambitious, budding writer with a great aptitude for absorbing the beauty of this world through her Romanian eyes. She likes to write creative fiction and non-fiction.

Simon Bracken is an experimental writer, of poetry and fiction and things in between. He’s originally from London and writes a lot about the city.

Nels Challinor is a writer and musician from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. His favorite activities include hiking, swimming, and engaging in heated debates about art of all kinds.

Melanie Cope is a fiction writer and world traveller. She is passionate about exploring uncharted waters and terrain, in the world, and more importantly in the creation of the text.

Pauline Davenport is an art teacher originally from Scotland. She likes Gothic and enjoys writing about the invisible – ghosts and witches. She has a BA (Hons) in Drawing & Painting from Edinburgh College of Art.

Dale Hall is a writer and English teacher from the rural depths of the Jurassic Coast who writes queer fiction, poetry about menopausal women and Kevin McCloud and novels about pirates.

Daniela Kankova is a realistic dreamer and discoverer with Czech artistic roots. She likes morning coffees and evening wines and meanwhile she likes to write, poetry and fiction.

Marta Kepite is a Latvian journalist and a passionate music lover, who likes to put her feelings into words. Will they turn out as poems or a bigger story? Not even Marta knows.

Bageshree Mehta dons the hat of a writer at most times, seamlessly manoeuvring her fingers across the keyboard, to meet her blog’s deadline. Everything else that gets done serves as an inspiration for her words, including her furry companion’s  licks.

Paige Murray, originally from the States, is an explorer at heart and lover of both books and bacon. She loves to write about the world around her, either in fiction or creative non-fiction.

Dawn Ostlund writes about how technology is changing the ways the we interact with each other and the world around us.  She’s especially interested in technologies incursion on long standing rituals and traditions.

Jaya Ramsinghani is a travel writer with a poor sense of direction and an immense love for cities and landscapes. She also writes fiction with characters inspired by real life.

Antonio Serriano‘s perpetual aim is to scrutinise memories, awakenings and places so that dwellings and emporiums of plots drenched in awe and compassion can touch that genuine awaiting soul.