Meet the Team

Jacqueline Ahearn is an attorney, originally from Boston, who moved to London from New York City to pursue her hidden love for creative pursuits. Her work focuses largely on speculative fiction and on psychology and trauma.

Claudette Benjamin is predominately a short story writer from Milton Keynes but she loves to write the city of London. She has a terrible sense of humour and loves animals, green tea, and sleeping.

Nels Challinor is a writer and musician from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. His favorite activities include hiking, swimming, and engaging in heated debates about art of all kinds.

Kaixin Huang is a person who has always been good at being a chameleon. Writing is the only way to split herself and attach some part of her to the world.

Antony Lopez was originally a child. He progressed, and after many gear-changes, pit-stops and engine re-builds along the way, has now arrived at his current destination.

Bageshree Mehta dons the hat of a writer at most times, seamlessly manoeuvring her fingers across the keyboard, to meet her blog’s deadline. Everything else that gets done serves as an inspiration for her words, including her furry companion’s  licks.

Dawn Ostlund writes about how technology is changing the ways we interact with each other and the world around us.  She’s especially interested in the effects of technology on our relationships, rituals and traditions.

Jaya Ramsinghani is a travel writer with a poor sense of direction and an immense love for cities and landscapes. She also writes fiction with characters inspired by real life.

Valeria Ryrak likes to think of herself as a soul-searcher. It has taken her a long time to finally find that yellow brick road, which has led her to end up studying for her MA in London, practising yoga, and writing poetry. Her only real wish in life is to be allowed to continue her searching, writing, and questioning without interference.

Antonio Serriano‘s perpetual aim is to scrutinise memories, awakenings and places so that dwellings and emporiums of plots drenched in awe and compassion can touch that genuine awaiting soul.

Dan Vieira is a writer who focuses on prose fiction, and his work often explores the underbelly of urban life. He likes caffeine…a lot.