Meet the Team

Adrian Radu

Project Manager:
Adrian: with a PhD in Philosophy, Adrian likes to write prose fiction, screenplays, and sometimes poetry. His main interest remains Philosophy of Religion and Theology. 

Jacqueline Ahearn

Jacqueline: an attorney originally from Boston, I moved here from New York City to pursue my hidden love for creative pursuits. My hobbies including getting lost in new cities, debating politics and literature, mountain climbing, and learning new things. My work focuses largely on speculative fiction and on psychology and trauma.

Claudette Benjamin

Claudette is a short story writer from Milton Keynes, but loves to write the city of London. She typically writes contemporary fiction, but has recently sparked an interest in psychogeography and non-fiction, which she hopes to practice more of in the future. She would say writing is her second love, right after animals.

Ciara Burrell

Ciara always had her head stuck in a book as a child, and this hasn’t changed in adulthood. As a child, she read whilst cuddling her teddy bear, but now she tends to read and write whilst nursing either a strong coffee or a G&T.

Sophie Harris

Sophie loves to read, write and explore new worlds that a writer creates. She has always loved writing but has recently enjoyed learning about and attempting new forms of writing and finding inspiration from the city of London itself.

Brian Harrison

Brian: Much as I love getting out of the city to absorb the glory of the natural world and recharge the batteries, I’m always drawn back to the city where life moves forward and presents us with the challenges that keep us alive. If every day is just another day in paradise, what’s the point?

James Hayward

James: I take influence from the world and people around me, hobbies, the experiences I have had in life, and apply this to my writings and beliefs. My hobbies include the culture and media of Japan and the Far East, film and film collecting, video gaming, railways.

Bageshree Mehta

Bageshree dons the hat of a writer at most times, seamlessly manoeuvring her fingers across the keyboard, to meet her blog’s deadline. Everything else that gets done only serves as an inspiration for her words, including her golden retriever’s licks.

Amaka Ngana

Amaka loves reading novels and hopes to become an accomplished author and scriptwriter. She loves artworks, athletics and the beach.

Dawn Ostlund

Dawn is interested in how technology is changing our rituals, traditions. She writes poetry, plays and short stories.

Will Ottley

Will is author of the illustrated book, Mountain Garden. A freelance travel writer, he grew up in Suffolk, England and has travelled extensively. His experiences found expression in an inspirational story about a white stag, a book he always wanted to read. London-based admirer of art, literature and the natural world.

Kunal Raju

Kunal has worked as a writer for two years in Mumbai, India. He wishes to pursue an MA in Creative Writing to broaden his horizons. Besides writing, he enjoys reading, taking photographs, bike rides… and going to the gym too!

Jaya Ramsinghani

Jaya: A travel writer with a poor sense of direction, Jaya has an immense love for cities and landscapes. She also writes fiction with characters inspired by real life.