Meet the Team

Lani: Lani likes to take chances and decided to try her luck at creative writing for her MA. Eclectic to the core, she enjoys learning new people, places, and personalities and hopes her writing will bring a little warmth, a splash of justice, and a whole lot of fun.

Ruth: Ruth considers herself a Jill of all trade, mistress of none! With a journalism background, she is working at charting a career path in Copywriting and with some luck, publishing a bestselling non-fiction book in the near future. For the time being, she is fully committed to building a creative muscle; one word at a time.

If she isn’t on Google trying to find the meaning of very random words, she is probably engrossed in a Michael Robotham novel.

Alexie: Alexie is an aspiring writer who enjoys writing children’s books and young adult fantasy novels. She strives to share immersive and diverse stories with children in the hopes that they will fall in love with stories as much as she did growing up. Alexie holds a BA in Biology with a minor in Creative Writing from Hamilton College and a Master’s Degree in Stem Cell Biology from Sorbonne Université.

Rebecca: Rebecca is from Philadelphia, PA studying to get her Masters in Professional Writing. Her favorite color is pink.

Emily: Emily Duff is a full-time mother with a creative passion for writing stories that reflect the diverse environment of both her home and her city. She self-published ‘Azzy’s Adventures’, a children’s book series featuring a mixed heritage protagonist during Lockdown, and continues to write stories about her son and his adventures for future generations to enjoy. Aside from writing and loving her son, Emily has an obsessive collection of shoes, and can often be found in the kitchen cooking or baking away. 

Instagram @azzys.adventure

Claire: Claire is usually found lurking in London cafes, scribbling away at story ideas, and revisiting favourite books. She is a contributing tv critic to the online pop culture publication In Between Drafts. Her favourite colour is yellow, thanks to many childhood viewings of Beauty and the Beast.

Gabriel: Born and raised in Oakland, California, Gabriel Clark-Clough attended undergraduate at Tulane University in New Orleans. Originally majoring in architecture, he switched to music, and then to English. Through his experience in a variety of artistic mediums, Gabriel developed a passion for the playful, and his writing seeks to balance important contemporary issues with an aspect of fun.

Imoh Emmanuel Uwem: Imoh is a creative writer, and by default an acolyte of Voltaire. He is keen on the colours purple and blue, which connote justice, dignity, emotional intelligence, trust and freedom. His greatest aspiration is to tenaciously utilise fiction and nonfiction writing, entangled with satire to ethically depict social issues. He is currently hibernation in the House of Exile.

Carmen: Carmen is a writer and theatre lover, with a flair for the fantastic, the mythical and the supernatural. Her favourite colour since forever? Blue, the colour of the sky, the sea and the wise. Carmen dreams of creating powerful stories, printed or on stage and sharing this passion with others, just like her favourite authors.

Karun: Karun is an aspiring writer who is obsessed with horror tales and absurd stories. He has been a connoisseur of horror stories ever since his first exposure to Courage the Cowardly Dog show at the age of 10. Having completed his undergraduate degree in literature, He has been writing short stories, flash fictions and poems. Some of his stories are dreamlike, disturbing and creepy, taking a lot of inspiration from Lovecraft, Junji Ito, Poe and Ligotti. He wishes to publish his own story collection in the near future.

Katie: Katie is a history graduate who has dabbled in a variety of book related jobs before deciding to pursue her lifelong love of writing. She writes mostly historical fiction because she believes that the past is full of stories waiting to be told. When she’s not writing illegible ideas in old notebooks, she can be found re-reading her favourite books, watching women’s football and hanging out with her tiny Yorkshire Terrier Finlay.

Andrew: Andrew is a nonfiction writer with an interest in all styles of writing. He has worked as an editor for the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) and has a passion for science communication. His writing seeks to inform the reader, whilst engaging them in subjects that naturally provoke deeper discussion. He describes himself as a colourful character and his favourite colour is orange.

Jad: Jad likes to evaporate from the real world, that’s why he decided to be a cartoon. He has a lot of interest in writing fiction especially in screenplays. His favorite color is brown.

Ejikeme: Ejikeme is an author and creative fiction writer. His interest revolves around crimes, historic fiction, historic fantasy, thrillers and Drama

Fatima: Fatima a stumbling writer is still establishing her footing in the writing world by experimenting with various genres while accidentally creating and publishing short stories in fictional magazines. Her short story “Soul Searcher” is out for the world to read in Orpheus Magazine.

Vlad: Vlad is a creative writer who loves juggling with different types of writing: poetry, fiction, screenwriting and playwriting. He is also a musician and a visual artist, which helps him to find motivation and inspiration for his literary works. Vlad’s favourite colours are black, pink and red.

Yesha: Yesha is quirky, unpredictable, moody, but most of all, has her heart in the right place. Having had her experience in engineering, she decided to do something that would change the world’s dynamic, and so here she is…pursuing writing! She has always had too many “whys” in her head, through writing she yearns to question social milieus, and make life livable, not just survivable!

Monali: Monali is a fiction writer and a social butterfly occasionally i.e cafe hopping and getting clicked all the time. I love subtle and loud music yet wanted to put my creativity in the untapped veins of writing- the color I adore would be royal blue.

Effy: Effy is a postmodern writer with a passion for creating stories representative of our culture, society, and political environment. Aside from writing, Effy is a devotee of vinyl records and backgammon, and can often be found at the airport running to catch her flight to Athens for another game. Her favorite colour is teal.

 Mel: Mel loves loud music and visceral writing. their goal is to have their words published very soon – no one is safe from their writing! mel’s favourite colours range from cool sage greens to deep blood reds.

 Nupur: Napur is a writer obsessed with books. She enjoys book blogging and photography. She likes running or walking when she is not doing any of those. Her favourite colour is White.

Vruchi: Vruchi comes from a small town, Mumbai in India. Alike, the magic of the big city, she aspired to the way where her dreams were calling. With a book full of emotions in her debut book ‘The Art of Drowning’, she’s trying to rekindle and bloom as a writer or poet she’s yet to discover. Her favourite colour is lavender. 

Zakiya: Zakiya is a full time single mum working towards her Masters in Professional Writing. She has had a flair for writing since she was a child but only rediscovered her creative side in the last couple of years, which is what prompted her to take some short writing courses and finally the MA. Her hobbies include boxing, cooking and going on adventures with her little boy. Her favourite colour is purple. 

Keerthi: Keerthi is a minimalist, doctor, a fiction writer and a hopeless romantic. Her debut book is a historical fiction titled “732 miles”. She loves going on hiking trips and spending time with loved ones and is always available to make deep conversations. Her favourite colour is Mauve and her favourite dish is dosa!

 Simeon: Simeon is a writer, illustrator and daydreamer. Since he loved drawing doodles & telling stories, he did his undergrad in Visual communication; which helped him to do those a little better.  He loves stories from any medium but is a little partial to ones in comics & animation. He hopes to continue drawing doodles and telling stories for the rest of his life. 

Biju: Biju is an ex-banker and a content strategist with a leading production house in India. He is also a published author. His debut book ‘Shadows Lie’ has been selected for an OTT series adaptation. His second book will be published in the fall of 2023, by India’s leading publishing house – Rupa Publications. His writings explore characters and places that collaborate to create their own flawed languages, unsure conflicts and incomplete joys.

Amber: Amber has always had a passion for writing since she was in primary school, where she got first ever poem ‘The funky monkey’ published in an actual poetry book. These days she loves writing short stories (mainly of the Fantasy genre) and hopes to fulfil her dream of writing her first ever novel someday.

 Maharsh: Maharsh is an aspiring writer, proud Netflix enthusiast, and connoisseur of coffee & croissants. In his free time, he likes to leave reality behind, daydream and lose himself in the warm embrace of a nice book. All his career aspirations lead to him having a Netflix special based on his life and he is hard at work to make this happen!

 Sarah: Sarah likes cats and writing (and possibly writing about cats). She wants to write things that make people laugh and distract them from the worrying mess that is the world around them, and her dream is to write the next Crazy Rich Asians. She also has a crippling addiction to books and Netflix.