By Marta Abromaityte The reverberation from the storm shook the windows of Lucy’s flat whilst she sat in darkness, silhouetted by her battery powered lava lamp. The light from the lamp illuminated Lucy’s tear filled eyes and for the fifth time that night, the fierce storm cut out the electricity in her 16-storey building. Leaving … More THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR


By Safiyah These silhouettes of the night time dwellers hide much of our cities daytime mundane. The cover of night gives illusions of romantic fantasies. They are both distorted and elaborated. The characters of the day and the night come and go but they leave their dent, constantly reshaping our London an ever progressive physical … More AFTER DARK


By Alex Quang Every 24 hours, we experience darkness. Every morning sunshine fills the day once more and the world keeps turning. We accept darkness as a part of everyday life and it is. We party in it, we watch films in it and we dine in it (at least we do in Shoreditch where … More THE DARKNESS WILL LIFT


By Keith Fuchs The apocalypse is upon us! Thankfully it was a nightmare Awake next morning to know the world is still right there. That problem you faced, well that was yesterday There is no promise of tomorrow, So be another gift, to overthrow the sorrow To capture ecstasy in the narrowest window. For now … More IGNORED NO MORE


By Tom Pears It’s 4am. Another house. Another part of London. Another girl. Another hollow fuck. You close the door gently behind you; you hate those awkward morning conversations. The cold air greets you like a slap in the face. Karma, perhaps. You’re in Angel. You’ve got work in a few hours. It’s fine, you’ve … More NIGHT FLIGHTS


By Ilyas Bhayat Malcolm looked at the smoldering tip of a cigarette as if it was a glimmering beacon to a lost ship. Islington at 1:33am in November was full of mist and loneliness. Malcolm was holding a cigarette as the wisps of the silver grey smoke it emitted attempted to rise through the humid … More THE CITY IS OURS


By Kristiana Smilovska it’s a dark and gloomy night but it defies all expectations   it changes you completely irreversibly you feel engulfed lost and a little bit purple   no longer is the tube a mere train that gets you places but a golden carriage taking you where chaos and music meet a place … More PURPLE


By Rosalind Raphael After darkness falls, a quiet calm descends: There’s no one walking on the pavement or around the bends; Busy workers leave their desks, shouting their goodbyes, And disappear down stairwells to the labyrinthine Underground tunnels where they all disperse On trains that take them homeward bound, to the suburbs. The wide roads … More AFTER DARK IN THE CITY


by Keir Baden I awoke, as I do every night, to the deep howling thunder, as if a colossal beast was experiencing its final death throws beneath the foundations of my home, a terrible lament cutting through the humid night air. Its harsh baritone rumbled my bones until they ached and I could scarcely move … More SOMNAMBULIST


By: Rob Hakimian   Diversions in the Heath?! It’s bad enough they seize up our streets with their relentless road works, and now their tyrannical time wasting has overflowed into our sacred green spaces! ‘Improvements to the ponds’ – how can you improve a pool of water? And all I wanted was to get up … More PERSPIRATION


By: Alex Ciobanu   The neighbourhood proved striking. Its historical significance was unknown to me, but I was never one to revel in that. I was simply struck by such sophistication and style in the buildings, a consistency to the architecture, and I found it comforting. Colindale wasn’t the same. I could tell I was … More INTIMACY


By: myTh the Poet Arm The Arsenal If my pen is mightier than the sword Then I shall be a mighty creature in folklore. Serving hoards from moors, Disarming them without chain-metal and gore. *** Chain Reaction I tread in the vacant and remote. I’ll descend through the depths of hell, Patient yet betrothed. Given … More WAR WORDS


By: Zahrah Surooprajally   You know the story. You’re at Winter Wonderland with a great guy, a cool guy. Someone who looks like he belongs with you in pictures. You drink too much mulled wine. The Mousetrap ride spins too much and makes you feel nauseous. You’re cold, you didn’t wear enough layers. Your new … More SOMEONE GREAT


By: Amanda Fuller   The first thing I learn about London, is that there are many kinds of silence. Where I am from, it is rarely silent. The very moment that it seems that a silence might occur, someone will step in and fill it. Often, more than one someone, all at the same time. … More SILENCE SCREAMS


By: Sophie Bowles    8 a.m. I rise, from unsettling dreams – last night it was the security guard at Morrison’s caressing my thighs in the back of a mauve van, as we headed for Plymouth to escape a Fourth Reich in London. Arms retreating under the mugginess of my duvet, the first thought of … More DOWN AND OUT


By: Jessica Wragg   The tracks of the underground train from the carriage window. Hot breeze of the last act of summer whistling beneath my blouse. Barbed wire like thumbprints and fingers and outstretched palms. No, the jungle is not the same as Streatham Hill, but the birds are just as loud. Jealous of our … More WE NEED THE FOREST


By: Lauren Cadogan-Grealish   I hadn’t known Charlie for long, had first met him just two weeks before, at the opening night of a street art exhibition in Shoreditch. I had written an article for Time Out London about the growing scene in Walthamstow and its surrounding constituencies, and thought it would be nice to meet … More BEING A PERSON


By: Amanda Hein   Thousands and thousands of books. Hundreds and hundreds of stories. Centuries, decades and years, Cities, maps and streets. Mothers and children, Dates and graves. Names, ink, Time. Time. Ink, screens, Graves and photos. Children and television, Streets, satellites, and google. Years, minutes and Hundreds and hundreds of timelines. Thousands and … More TIME