By Zahrah Surooprajally   The one thing I want to do is forget. All the shit the other guys put me through. You’re different. I love watching the sun set with you. I don’t get bored. Get stuck like glue. The rainy days in - we snuggle and fight. We’re so different, but our souls … Continue reading WANT TO FORGET HOW TO REMEMBER WITH YOU


By LJ Cadogan   my skin no better than a graffiti stained wall from where you tagged your name over and over and over until every brick was covered in your signature mauve spray-paint you only ever tagged me after sunset. like all illegitimate things, I was a secret held in the flap of gum … Continue reading LEAKE STREET TUNNEL


By Benjamin Corry Wright Kootbaully   I take a step from off the deck and in To night; a heady lift of air, to steep The week.   As light subsides, lungs open wide, Exhaustion, engines, fall behind. The grounds will rise at lower tides, Unlatch the filters - serve the night.   My breath … Continue reading CIRCULATION


By Sophie Raphael   The lights turn off and my existential crisis begins. I am a lie and a figment of my own imagination, Caught between who I want to be and who I’m settling to become. I chop, re-design and change. Should I be allowed to dream, to believe, to feel? Fear of failure, … Continue reading EXISTENTIAL CRISIS


By Dele Oladeji   I fell apart, not to fall ever again. Flickering like a lone star. Voices, I hear. I wove myself out of darkness, My cataract infected eyes twitched. I looked through the window, Murky smell of thick air oozed. This is the East End- When the leaders see our faces They see … Continue reading VOICES AFTER THE CITY LIGHTS


By Sophie Bowles   Because I only have friends who do madnesses unto themselves and never go out on Saturday night, only out to the offy, bed & back to hide behind the pillow with the strops and socks while everyone else laughs and dances away, or robbing the bookies, I watch the scenes alone,laughter, … Continue reading LOVED BY LONDON AFTER DARK


By Morghan Nunn-Menson It was all cast In colourless tones, And an air Of crossed eyes Weighed down The streets Like a military parade.   The birds I heard, But rarely did I see. So much life, Yet so little.   What united us, It seems, Were our guarded hopes And sacred dreams And the … Continue reading LONDON


By Sajidah Iqbal   His soul shrouded in a dismal, dreary darkness, Bereft of as much as, a tiny tinsel of brightness. He is destitute of words and deficient in life, Devoid of any luck and depleted in pride. Blitz, bombs, burns, rifles, tanks, devastation, His life upside down, like some frenzied fiction.   He … Continue reading DEADBEAT DARKNESS


By Amanda Hein It was after 4 am, I can remember that. Herded; the change of music to a slow hum, like a pied piper sending the sheep out of the club at 3, flocking to the nearest kebab. Bah. Greasy burgers sopped in mayonnaise, chips drenched in ketchup, the overpriced taxi ride. Yes, it … Continue reading 12 SAUNCEY WOOD


By Rachele Salvini My grandfather had a little boat, where we sailed until our salted skin got burnt. His hands were fast, spotless and young as he talked, gripping the ship’s wheel.   He told me about squids and moray eels. We had no canals, but we had Fossi which literally means moats. Trenches. Green, … Continue reading FALLING ASLEEP ON THE THAMES


By Zoe Maynard White lights speed past my body. Screeching screams escape from the track, the doors fly open. No hustling and bustling like in rush hour mayhem, the carriage has a scrunched up newspaper to keep me company. Outside the station, the eye watches me as she turns full circle. Without blinking, she watches … Continue reading NIGHT VISIONS


By Keith Fuchs The apocalypse is upon us! Thankfully it was a nightmare Awake next morning to know the world is still right there. That problem you faced, well that was yesterday There is no promise of tomorrow, So be another gift, to overthrow the sorrow To capture ecstasy in the narrowest window. For now … Continue reading IGNORED NO MORE


By Kristiana Smilovska it’s a dark and gloomy night but it defies all expectations   it changes you completely irreversibly you feel engulfed lost and a little bit purple   no longer is the tube a mere train that gets you places but a golden carriage taking you where chaos and music meet a place … Continue reading PURPLE


By Rosalind Raphael After darkness falls, a quiet calm descends: There’s no one walking on the pavement or around the bends; Busy workers leave their desks, shouting their goodbyes, And disappear down stairwells to the labyrinthine Underground tunnels where they all disperse On trains that take them homeward bound, to the suburbs. The wide roads … Continue reading AFTER DARK IN THE CITY


By: myTh the Poet Arm The Arsenal If my pen is mightier than the sword Then I shall be a mighty creature in folklore. Serving hoards from moors, Disarming them without chain-metal and gore. *** Chain Reaction I tread in the vacant and remote. I'll descend through the depths of hell, Patient yet betrothed. Given … Continue reading WAR WORDS


By: Amanda Hein   Thousands and thousands of books. Hundreds and hundreds of stories. Centuries, decades and years, Cities, maps and streets. Mothers and children, Dates and graves. Names, ink, Time. Time. Ink, screens, Graves and photos. Children and television, Streets, satellites, and google. Years, minutes and ancestry.com. Hundreds and hundreds of timelines. Thousands and … Continue reading TIME


Poem + Photo By: LaAerial in a corner out of sight eyes wide open fear of flight she holds her breath and waits in vain for someone else to know her name all seems lost as time suspends until she hears a voice within act this moment wait no longer what you’ve been through made … Continue reading OUTSIDER


By: Gillian Horsley   Marionettes of shadow and light from which a single string hangs; a rope that guides my tactile sight, hunger for adventure pangs. Another world on Earth in blurry tech-ni-colour; my underwater birth, light fades, colour becomes duller. A crux to rely on vision, a species designed with precision; more natural than … Continue reading FREE DIVING


By: Hammama Issa   Every morning after breakfast you always savoured your coffee, One cup was all you needed to see you through the day, ‘You shouldn't be out alone,’ I heard, A dark, murky lake outstretched before me - still and lifeless, The faint cigarette smell that lingered on your clothes, Faint boomerang scars … Continue reading HELLISH DELIGHT


By: Sagal Haji   They say that humans are social beings But I can't seem to conceptualise The way we have to socialise Vain talk and vapidity Are thrust upon us As if it isn't toxic To our hearts Our minds Searching for authenticity In world filled with dishonesty     I feel out of … Continue reading SOCIAL BEINGS

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