Meet the team

John Philip Gething

John Philip Gething is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but is now based in the UK. His chosen genre is poetry.

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Kristian Dennett
is Sheffield born and London reborn. He specialises in Queer writing; focusing on screenplays and articles with LGBTQ themes.

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Naseema Khanom was born and brought up in Yorkshire and now has moved to London. She writes poetry, short stories, and has been published on series of fashion magazines online.

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Namya Naresh
is a writer from India, taking on the city of London as her bottomless source of inspiration. She writes short fiction, poetry and is working on her first novel. She strives to create a beautiful blend of reality and fiction within the pages of her writing

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Bob Boyton is a writer and performer. You can find details of Bob’s novel here.

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Ali Mulaga is a full-time creative writing student, part-time hooligan. She Writes poetry and the ocassional disgruntled letter about vegetables. You can find her in her hammock somewhere.

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mud howard is a non-binary trans writer from the States. they write about queer intimacy, interior worlds and the cosmic joke
of gender. you can find more of their published work at

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Tara Murray
 is originally from New Jersey but has since moved to London to pursue her MA in Creative Writing. She enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction short stories

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 Rath is from Denver, Colorado.  She writes fantasy fiction and poetry.

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Rachel Fallon
is a playwright from Manchester who also enjoys experimenting with poetry.



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