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They hold hands on the Clipper as the tour guide drones on about pirates and the heyday of the East India Company, a soft voice drifting through a hazy sky. “So many warehouses,” Jamal murmurs, grey buildings hunched over the grey Thames. “They used to be warehouses,” Agnieszka says, her head resting on his shoulder. … Continue reading Cargo


She had been waiting at Heathrow airport for the last thirty minutes. She didn’t mean to show up this early, and technically she didn’t. Arrive early that is. Glancing upwards at the flight departures and arrivals boards for what felt to be about the fortieth time in the past five minutes, she noticed that his … Continue reading Delayed

let’s live somewhere the temperature changes

mud howard is a non-binary trans poet from the States. They write about queer intimacy, interior worlds and the cosmic joke of the gender binary.    

My Sister’s Grandson is Missing in Oklahoma

My sister’s grandson disappeared about a year ago, because the universe is an utter bastard. They said he was last seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma and my sister’s first instinct was to ask, “Where’s Tulsa and what the ever loving shit was he doing there?” but really I’m fucked if I know. She got married young … Continue reading My Sister’s Grandson is Missing in Oklahoma


I helped two Americans with directions the other day. They embodied the role of lost tourists with full force. I spotted them when I jumped on the escalator and had surmised their confusion by the time my descent was complete. When I saw one of them rotating the map 360 degrees, staring blankly, I removed … Continue reading Lost

Two freak-outs in the Roman wall and one outside

1) Missa est I became quite familiar with the correct route to the church, though it was very difficult to find. The old streets that led to it were winding and didn’t follow a standard grid. I was always confused when trying to find it. I don’t come from this place. I suppose, thinking of it … Continue reading Two freak-outs in the Roman wall and one outside

Enfield Café; McNicholas 1982

Enfield Café Mondays: Frank’s Café, Enfield An old fashioned egg and chip joint that never looked clean enough for me to want to risk the eggs although sometimes I had a (horse?) cheeseburger. The café was five minutes’ walk from what was Friern Barnet hospital, one of the last of London’s old psychiatric bins. A … Continue reading Enfield Café; McNicholas 1982

Summer in Philadelphia is the only season worth writing about

A shimmering of cicadas whir in the trees As I sweat through my business casual Pumping at the gears of a borrowed bicycle Too nervous to get my own repaired Too late to take the bus Too cheap to pay for parking The season salts my skin Ruptures my pores Marks my folds, creases In … Continue reading Summer in Philadelphia is the only season worth writing about

Under Construction

Rachel Fallon is an aspiring playwright living in London, originally from Manchester. She also enjoys writing short stories.   

Snippets of Summer

The prison of mankind is the mind This is the only space where time exists If I had any super power I'd make it stop Just for this second Just for this now Where the moon looks luminescent And just for this moment When I remember that I am simply being Consciously breathing And though … Continue reading Snippets of Summer


She was a good pleaser. She was a good smiler. She was a good anything any woman was supposed to be good at. But she was also a good something no one had ever thought she could be good at. She was a good man. Emily Glass took out her exquisite leopard Manolo Blahniks, and … Continue reading Themself

A Far Cry From The Scottish Hills

Jane Davenport had moved into the realm of big pants and had never felt happier. They were basically the big, soft cotton ones that snuggled in under her belly button, looked like pink sacks and could double as dusters. A lot o’ wimen don’t put them on the washin’ line – did y’ ken that? … Continue reading A Far Cry From The Scottish Hills

Extracts from Anthelion

Anthelion, 1996 I It is where I am gone, where I am in nothing placed entombed in another world alive with beguiling thoughts of memory and distaste and as guilty as these thunder clouds, it is where I am gone that holds my mind and makes this time a misery as less than useless now… … Continue reading Extracts from Anthelion


A storm woke me up very early in the morning. I could say it was early as I couldn’t smell coffee, but the skies were already lit up. I stretched my arm towards the bedside table to get my watch and check the time, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe I left it in the … Continue reading Intoxicated


Coffee Capitalism National Park Simon Bracken is an experimental writer, of poetry and fiction and things in between. He’s originally from London and writes a lot about the city.   


I Want My Time With You (At St. Pancras Station, London) He put his hands Around her waist And said so lovingly: “I want my time with you.” She put her hands On his cold cheeks, Looking deeply into his eyes, As if looking for some sign, That his words are true. The clock struck … Continue reading Poems

The View

Along the river they walked. Two souls in sync with one another. They stared at the unmistakable London skyline they couldn’t take their eyes off it. Waiting for nine o’clock to come they explored the city. Starting at the London Eye watching it stare down on them. Like the eyes of God, it stared. They … Continue reading The View

Transparent Stones

I thought that walking down the Thames path I would send away the desire to catch the infinite blue of the sea combined with the kind breeze of a summer day. Unfortunately, the grey colour of the river did not help me too much. Here and there, occasionally some seagulls were playing with the wild … Continue reading Transparent Stones

Untitled; Marcuse, in Eros and Civilization; Mashed Potatoes

Untitled I step out into the dusk, clutching a cup of cold steeped tea in one hand, a black zip up hoodie in the other. I settle on cement steps, startled by their persistent heat collected from the cloudless day in late July. They warm my butt through holy jeans. I am stoop-sitting, waiting for … Continue reading Untitled; Marcuse, in Eros and Civilization; Mashed Potatoes

Alien by mud howard

The first time I found Arches was two years ago. I was excited about London back then. I fantasized about the sticky web of public transportation. I dreamed of the long journeys spent reading science fiction novels, scribbling love letters, people watching with ferocity. The unexpected intimacy that comes from smushing yourself up against a … Continue reading Alien by mud howard

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