Issue Ten

Lost – David Atkinson
Low iPhone batteries and getting lost don’t always go hand in hand, but can lead to the best surprises

Enfield Café; McNicholas 1982 – Bob Boyton
A café near a psychiatric facility – a very short story. Plus, hard work is made harder when McNicholas finds himself in a predicament.

Cargo – Liam Hogan
Flash fiction comes alive with a trip down the Thames where warehouses abound.

Two Freak-outs in the Roman Wall and One Outside – Godric Rochlen
More than just worship takes place in church in this set of short stories.

Untitled; Marcuse, in Eros and Civilization; Mashed Potatoes – Cecily Schuler
The idea of home is explored in this thoughtful piece. Plus, an emotional poetry piece about mashed potatoes and the memories they bring to mind.

Summer in Philadelphia is the Only Season Worth Writing About – Julian Shendelman
Summer drips through this gritty poem and into readers’ minds.

Extracts from Anthelion – Henry Virgin
Flowing poetry blends together the beauty of the city while taking a hard look at its features and citizens.

Themself – Arif Alfaraz
They is, because they want.

Transparent Stones – Camelia Birza
The City of London, a genesis room for boundless imagination.

Poems – Simon Bracken
These are a few poems which look at the urban and the rural, the political, the everyday, and try to make life seem better than it is. I hope that they do.

A Far Cry from the Scottish Hills – Pauline Davenport
Jane Davenport goes on a pilgrimage to The Davenport Magic Shop in search of the elusive.

Under Construction – Rachel Fallon
A poem about self repair.

My Sister’s Grandson is Missing in Oklahoma – Dale Hall
A man reflects on recent hardships his family has faced and comes to a conclusion about his and his sister’s natures.

let’s live somewhere the temperature changes – mud howard
A poem that wakes you up from the surreal dream of gender and throws you to the aliens.

Intoxicated – Daniela Kankova
A heart broken short story.

Poems – Marta Kepite
A selection of poems born in a busy city’s rush.

Snippets of Summer – Ali Mulaga
A collection of poems written during a summer of disconnected moments caught in the fluidity of time

Delayed – Paige Murray
An imaginative piece about a girl who is yearning for her boyfriend at Heathrow Airport.

The View – Tara Murray
A look into the ever present life along the Thames River.