These are the places I remember you by Marie Lefeuvre

'It was snowing in London, and I was eating my dinner in a coat. You told me it was snowing in Paris too, And I looked up at the flakes falling from the sky. My fingers were red and shaking.'

GUILT / TO A MOTH by Stephanie Kocsis

'You, who navigates a straight line, by moonlight are trapped in my electric cloche.'

A City by Reed Smith

'They had the freedom to walk In the weak sun and take in the evening breeze Nothing moved them so much as the cold winds Bleaching the slag-gray bay some mornings'

The City by Anastasia Polkanova

'I will escape from here. Twenty minutes left. Twenty minutes hold me from the abiding, nearly habitual rush. Not much…and at the same time an infernally long patch.'

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