By: myTh the Poet Arm The Arsenal If my pen is mightier than the sword Then I shall be a mighty creature in folklore. Serving hoards from moors, Disarming them without chain-metal and gore. *** Chain Reaction I tread in the vacant and remote. I’ll descend through the depths of hell, Patient yet betrothed. Given … More WAR WORDS


By: Amanda Hein   Thousands and thousands of books. Hundreds and hundreds of stories. Centuries, decades and years, Cities, maps and streets. Mothers and children, Dates and graves. Names, ink, Time. Time. Ink, screens, Graves and photos. Children and television, Streets, satellites, and google. Years, minutes and ancestry.com. Hundreds and hundreds of timelines. Thousands and … More TIME


By: Lorenzo Curti   The blindest flame of a gaze slowly ransacks through the grey buildings some children mimic the trembling shadows of the street lamps – switched on right before the sunset – laughing and bringing talismans in their hands the edges of the day bend around the corners of the grey palaces and … More THE BLINDEST FLAME


Poem + Photo By: LaAerial in a corner out of sight eyes wide open fear of flight she holds her breath and waits in vain for someone else to know her name all seems lost as time suspends until she hears a voice within act this moment wait no longer what you’ve been through made … More OUTSIDER


By: Gillian Horsley   Marionettes of shadow and light from which a single string hangs; a rope that guides my tactile sight, hunger for adventure pangs. Another world on Earth in blurry tech-ni-colour; my underwater birth, light fades, colour becomes duller. A crux to rely on vision, a species designed with precision; more natural than … More FREE DIVING


By: Hammama Issa   Every morning after breakfast you always savoured your coffee, One cup was all you needed to see you through the day, β€˜You shouldn’t be out alone,’ I heard, A dark, murky lake outstretched before me – still and lifeless, The faint cigarette smell that lingered on your clothes, Faint boomerang scars … More HELLISH DELIGHT


By: Sagal Haji   They say that humans are social beings But I can’t seem to conceptualise The way we have to socialise Vain talk and vapidity Are thrust upon us As if it isn’t toxic To our hearts Our minds Searching for authenticity In world filled with dishonesty     I feel out of … More SOCIAL BEINGS


By Yasmin Rahim Gathering along the sill At dusk Collecting Like fibres of dust Falling, floating silently My figure wrapped In a blanket Of dust My being comes and goes Swells and disperses Swept away, by a soft blow Like dust The city is roaring Outside my window Yet I am here Aggravating dust Silent, … More WOMAN OF DUST