By: Safiyah I have these intense fantasies of spectating my own funeral; that I would die today and be the object of your melancholic affections tomorrow as I lay in the pathetic fallacy of a dark gothic cathedral in the middle of an unidentified plain. My troubles would be known to you all and conveyed … More A SELF-IMPOSED EXILE


By: Hammama Issa   Every morning after breakfast you always savoured your coffee, One cup was all you needed to see you through the day, ‘You shouldn’t be out alone,’ I heard, A dark, murky lake outstretched before me – still and lifeless, The faint cigarette smell that lingered on your clothes, Faint boomerang scars … More HELLISH DELIGHT


By: Claudio Fedele   Disturbing silence darkens your sight We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright Lucy in the sky with diamonds The maid had left the manor just a bit more than five minutes before. She had given the last, final touch of polishing to … More LUCILLE


By: Sagal Haji   They say that humans are social beings But I can’t seem to conceptualise The way we have to socialise Vain talk and vapidity Are thrust upon us As if it isn’t toxic To our hearts Our minds Searching for authenticity In world filled with dishonesty     I feel out of … More SOCIAL BEINGS


By Yasmin Rahim Gathering along the sill At dusk Collecting Like fibres of dust Falling, floating silently My figure wrapped In a blanket Of dust My being comes and goes Swells and disperses Swept away, by a soft blow Like dust The city is roaring Outside my window Yet I am here Aggravating dust Silent, … More WOMAN OF DUST