Freedom Train

by Bob Boyton 1 The hostel want more ID off me than old bill need to put you away for three years but I tell ‘em I’ll be a good boy and get loved up with my key worker in the morning so they book me into a double. After that they keep me hanging … More Freedom Train

The Starring Role

By Kristian Dennet Sophia watched the audience as the curtain slowly fell. Like a shop awkwardly closing its shutters for the night. The faces in the audience only looked in one direction; all eyes on Rene, the venerated star of the show. As Sophia wondered why that couldn’t be her, a hand grabbed out and … More The Starring Role

Recipe for Home

by Sajidah Iqbal I want to make a home here, it’s just that, I don’t know how to go about it. I wonder if it would be easy to do it all over again; to carve my name on the bark of the new trees, that don’t recognize me or leave my footprints on the … More Recipe for Home

One Too Many

By Roderick O’Sullivan  “Flight 407 to London Heathrow is now boarding at Gate 34. American Airlines again apologises for the long delay, resulting from the earlier security incident. American Airlines thanks you for your understanding on the inevitable seating changes that have proved necessary to make up for lost time and backlogs. A complimentary bar … More One Too Many

The Waiting Room

By Rae Gellel It’s a waiting room like any other, that standard doctors surgery set up with the mismatching furniture and a pithy offering of well-thumbed women’s magazines. It greets you with an encompassing, inexplicable hush, perhaps the result of those awful hard-backed chairs that make everyone sit up so straight and formal, and the … More The Waiting Room

Loud Speakers

by Oladele Oladeji Open the fucking door! This is Frankie’s opening to expression and frustration. Ricky replied, “I’m fucking my wife for Christ sakes. Haven’t you got any decency, you fucked up waste of space?” It’s London. It was a very cold night too. We were in the depth of Epping Forest. Trees stand erect, waiting … More Loud Speakers