by Namya Naresh Gravitation and gratification, ruled their bodies like pendulums they swung, back and forth The lines of the city were masters of their souls. The lines of the city were the creators of their homes. Redundancy, hypocrisy, autonomy ‘What’s mine is yours, Honey!’ They lied to one another. ‘Life is good,’ they lied … More Snowflake

Family Tree

by Naseema Khanom I spy on the neighbour’s garden an apple tree, six foot three with perfect ripe reds and greens growing towards the heavens. Every spring without fail doctors, lawyers and pharmacists blossom on every stem.   It is a mighty sight to behold roots so strong, resilient the rich soil, bountiful. The good … More Family Tree

Homesick Blue

By John Philip Gething Homesick Blue It is that sense of home, that almost grieving addiction for a place. Stitched into the fabrics, sewn to its walls that drip a color of youth. Like vines. Veins. We painted the walls pinstriped Blue when we moved in. american yankees. I was seven years old. Would have … More Homesick Blue

Two Women

by Emily Rath   A call across the ocean unmuffled by the waves a bridge at midnight reaches to the other in the light of day   Her voice like a joyful sparrow although her winter’s just come the spattering of a snowy rain obstructing half the sun   Sadness stained on white pillows Black … More Two Women