Meet The Team

Soraya Bouazzaoui is a Creative Writing MA student, who has spent the entirety of her life surrounded by books. Apart from spending the day in Waterstones, she also loves to sorayaattend Comic Con, cry about Star Wars and binge watch TV Series’. If she’s not laughing hysterically at a bad pun or meme, she’ll be hidden in a coffee shop writing fiction on her very old laptop, fondly nicknamed Bruce.


Zahrah Surooprajally is a Creative Writing student, volunteer and campaigner from South London. She enjoys 80s music, comfortable clothes and nostalgia. After studying a BA in Literature and Creative Writing and working in the charity sector for two years, she now dreams of writing a screenplay, becoming a stand up comedian, and creating her own dance flash mob.

alex-ciobanuAlex Ciobanu is originally from Romania. He enjoys reading and watching TV shows, anything that will elicit strong feelings. Social standards vex him and he usually draws inspiration in his writing from personal experience. As one of the greatest characters on TV, Lumpy Space Princess, says it: Get in touch with your feelings, babe!

amandaAmanda Fuller turned forty this year and is almost certainly in the throes of a mid-life crisis. A mother of two, she attempts – with varying results – to juggle parenting, a full time IT job, studying part-time for her MA in Creative Writing, performing at spoken word events in London and very occasional naps.

Benji CWK currently studiefor-04-10-16-profile-picture-for-wsj-completeds Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. His short stories – usually in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres – are often set in London, exploring how the very particular history and culture of the city could inform the lives and journeys of fantastical and futuristic beings.

wells-street-image-2-1Tim Willmore once told a careers advisor he wanted to be a stuntman. That’s a true story, though jumping off a building, or saving a prosthetic baby from a burning car on a movie set, was an unlikely job for a man with an anxiety disorder, and one who is afraid of heights. Moving on… Tim has a background and undergraduate degree in TV & Film. He writes screenplays, and the occasional angst heavy poem. Tim is king of the pedal bike, a vegan for the animals, and he’ll often forget what you said.

img_20161006_095627Sophie Raphael stumbled across Creative writing at university and fell in love. She wants to work in publishing and hopes to one day discover the next ‘Harry Potter’. In the meantime she spends her days working in retail and studying an MA in Creative writing. When she has the time you’ll find her reading from her overgrowing library.

image.pngLJ Cadogan lives in an East End suburb, and spends her spare time wandering in contemporary & urban art galleries. She writes poetry for her blog the woman says, and is currently studying an MA in Writing the City at the University of Westminster. She will consider herself successful when she owns a sausage dog named Apollo.

dsc00011-1Bistra Nikolova is currently studying Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Born in Bulgaria, she loves cooking, drawing, walking and dreaming about places and stories she can write about. Sometimes her characters can knock at her door and surprise her. That happened after she finished her mystery novel.

for-wells-bioMorghan Nunn-Menson gets his family name from his Ghanaian father and English mother. When he’s not in the library studying he can be found in his room or wandering the streets of London trying to work out what it is he’s just studied. He enjoys seeing projects come together and the symmetry of nature, both seen and unseen. It is his hope that he may lend a hand in a unifying theory of non-sense.


Rae Gellel lives in Greenwich, South East London, where she writes short fiction fuelled by Red Bull and supported by an audience of several cats. She fits writing around work in the charity sector and and plans to one day stop procrastinating and write a novel.

Oladele Oladeji was bordsc_0179n in London in the mid-sixties. He studied a BSc in Archaeology and has,  in the last six years, had three books of poetry published, and also on numerous occasions has been published by the Big Issue Magazine. Oladele came on the MA in Creative writing to sharpen his skill and voice in the art of writing.

Sajidah Iqbal’s nomadic inner self, operates her, to spin simage1.JPGtories even during her sleep at night. She is fond of reading and particularly takes delight in literature for minors. She enjoys cooking, watching TV, trolling on the internet and exploring unusual places. Solitude accompanied by a bottomless cuppa jostle her creative fibres and provide fuel to her figments of the imagination.