Issue Thirteen: Disruption in the City Out Now!

All pieces in Issue 13 are based on the theme of ‘Disruption in the City’. This collection of poetry and prose features tales of Life, Love, London and beyond, from Saigon to Syria, Wuhan to Mumbai, and of course, from Southwark to the City, revealing that disruption, in many forms, can happen in any city, at any time, in any place, to anybody.


Between London’s Branches by Jacqueline Ahearn
The city, like a tree, grows 
up and out in rings. 
It dates itself: 
inner, smaller, older, wiser;
outer, larger, younger, spryer.
Most people never see beyond the bark 
or peer past outer branches. 

Outbreak by Kaixin Huang
The train arrives at Wuhan. Nana looks back, in the near distance each rail looks straight and independent. The further they go, the curlier they become, until they intertwine with each other thoroughly. Then the rails become several dots at the horizon. How cunning they are, Nana thinks. Far from people’s surveillance, they go the way they want. 

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by Diane Benjamin
I turned towards the tube and descended down into the station below, pulling along my small compact suitcase packed with the contents of my life. Don’t worry Oxford Circus. I will return again, one day.

This is Us by Dan Vieira
These big, sprawling cities are a little too big and a little too sprawling to not provoke intense feelings in the extreme. To be from London is to be both hateful and loving towards it, to be as ever-changing and neurotic as the city itself; to feel both comforted and disrupted by it.