Issue 19 Submission Deadline Extended!

Hello Everyone! The deadline for submissions to The Wells Street Journal has been extended to 31st of January!

If you have already submitted to Issue 19, you are welcome to take time to make further revisions, we will accept the last version of any work sent to us before the 31st. If you are a new submitter, we hope this time will give you the opportunity to send us something amazing!

For Issue 19 of the Wells Street Journal, the theme is ‘Colour’.

For this issue we want to hear how your imagination runs wild with the theme of colour! We want you to get creative with how colour can be used as an expressive form of telling stories. We can’t wait to hear your pieces! 

Submission Categories

Non-Fiction    |  Short Story

Flash Fiction   |  Poetry | Photography

Submission Guidelines

Your piece of writing should be based on the given theme.

All submissions are to be emailed to in a separately attached .doc, .docx or PDF file.

Please put the title of your work in the Subject box and mention the category it falls under (poem, short story, flash fiction, etc).

Please attach a small description (no more than 2-3 lines) about yourself to your submission. 

Simultaneous submissions remain acceptable as long as the contributor informs us about the decision to submit the given work elsewhere as soon as it has been made.

The work submitted to the Wells Street Journal must exclusively belong to the contributor(s).

Your work should remain unpublished during the time of submission to the Wells Street Journal.

Short stories and creative non-fiction pieces should be no longer than 2,000 words, whereas any work of flash fiction or poetry should remain under 1,000 words

Please keep submissions to a four page maximum (A4)

In the event your piece being accepted, expect to receive critical edits from our team. Unfortunately, feedback on rejected submissions will not be provided.

By making a submission to the Wells Street Journal, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use. 

The Wells Street Journal reserves the right to reject any form of submitted work and holds no obligation to give any reason whatsoever for the rejection of the same.

When you submit your work, you agree to let the Wells Street Journal monitor and moderate the shared information to ensure its accordance with any regulatory process or code of ethics of the University of Westminster or the journal itself.

WSJ Team

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