Called Me Trouble by Juan Rios

                                 Mistake is my last name.
                                 Called me trouble.

                                 A prophet without church.
                                 A terrorist in the house of God.
                                 A mistake shaped by nature.

                                 Love revolution,
                                 evolution without love.
                                 Love me tender.

                                 Put me in jail for my desires.
                                 Lock me in without a key.

                                 A detour in the wrong direction.
                                 Highway alleluia.
                                 A unicorn without horn.

                                 Misunderstanding and
                                 glasses in the pouring rain.
                                 Never too much.

                                too much.




Juan Rios is a queer poet based in London. He has developed community based work linking cultural institutions and underrepresented audiences. Striking for survival as a coping mechanism would be his mantra sometimes. You can find more of Juan’s work here.

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