Two Women

by Emily Rath


A call across the ocean

unmuffled by the waves

a bridge at midnight reaches

to the other in the light of day


Her voice like a joyful sparrow

although her winter’s just come

the spattering of a snowy rain

obstructing half the sun


Sadness stained on white pillows

Black feathers reach for prayer

One lies weak in a tiny bed

the other’s in a doctor’s chair




stage 1.







is it an




is it a

Passing Storm?


she bathes in blue waters

moves golden light within

hears whispers, wild and knowing

from the Colorado Mountains


Prayers and knots in her belly

the other wakes with sweat

Monday waiting

Tuesday cries

days built on prayer and unrest


when did the word lump become poison?

a lump of sugar tells all

evil and white, seductive demon

feeding the winter through fall


a plane crosses the ocean


Mother and daughter embrace

the bridge built in the darkness

holds light on Hope’s young face


Two women eat in the kitchen

the birds and cats don’t answer

the Mother smiles and cries from joy

with Love, she’ll cure her cancer.

Published by

Wells Street Journal

The Wells Street Journal is a publication by the students of the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. It is a diverse collection of writing with London as our inspiration.