Poem + Photo By: LaAerial

in a corner

out of sight

eyes wide open

fear of flight

she holds her breath

and waits in vain

for someone else

to know her name

all seems lost

as time suspends

until she hears

a voice within

act this moment

wait no longer

what you’ve been through

made you stronger

you’re a nova

built to shine

don’t dim your light

don’t hide behind

fears of your mother,

your sister nor your brother

inaction is your only doom

so be as bright as the moon

take charge of the night

you may feel out of place

but all is well

all is right


A proud foodie, LaAerial, is also a poet, singer/songwriter, and a wellLaAerial rounded creative with experience in film/video production, editing, and audio production. Coming all the way from the U.S.A., she has traveled extensively with a keen interest in seeing even more of the world and engaging in all forms of art, in particular, screenwriting, acting, and photography. aglorifiedvagabond.tumblr.com