By: Gillian Horsley


Marionettes of shadow and light
from which a single string hangs;
a rope that guides my tactile sight,
hunger for adventure pangs.

Another world on Earth
in blurry tech-ni-colour;
my underwater birth,
light fades, colour becomes duller.

A crux to rely on vision,
a species designed with precision;
more natural than most kin will know.
Weightless in this alien time zone.

My heart, beats, slow
breath abated.
For eternity,
I’d happily waited.

A silver-blue blanket above
the sky is open, the sea transparent.
I am found, I am in love,
Meditation complete and apparent.

Gasping strong with a clear mind
pressure restored, recovery brief.
That other world left behind,
eyes open in disbelief.