Opiated by M.E Rolle

He told me all was foggy that day.

We were in different cities, so I didn’t realize that foggy was a metaphor

for being tired of dealing—

with the scores of people,

the scores of thoughts he couldn’t control,

the scores of prescription drugs;



He had said that city life could break you down if you weren’t up for it.

The crushing hordes of people,

all of them in a hurry,

all of them bracing against you.

Like a tide of bodies pressing you back,

they could carry you out to sea like a wave,

if you let them.


11081047_10205291567701520_3084136575215819956_nM.E. Rolle studied English and Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She holds a J.D. in Law from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an LL.M. in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. After a twelve year career as an attorney for U.S. federal government, M.E. decided to pursue her passion for writing in London. She is currently taking part in the University of Westminster’s program, MA Creative Writing: Writing the City.