Broken in the City by Jhilmil Breckenridge

The city lives in us

Broken and searching

Fragmented by life and the city

We stumble on

The man in the City with the stooping back

Worries about his annual bonus

His assistant brings him coffee

After spitting in it

The shopgirl wearing too much makeup

Wonders if her boyfriend will call

The boyfriend texts another girl

Blowing smoke rings over the Thames

The young mother pushing the pram

With a baby bundled up in a red blanket

Plans another day in the mall

Though her credit card is maxed

Teenage schoolgirls bunking school

Rush into a matinee of the latest blockbuster

Giggling in line checking their phones

Trying to blend in

The city lives in us

Selfish whorish lustful

Amazing beautiful new

And we spin stumble and move

Lila and me for Delhi TalksJhilmil Breckenridge was born in a sleepy town in India and travelled most of her childhood. She was always found with a book in her hands and read whatever she found! She is most interested in writing prose fiction though has started flirting with the idea of screenplays.

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